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The Drumheller Co-operative has adopted the following mission statement:



• A Co-op is a business with a difference.
• Owned locally
• Controlled by its members
• Profits returned to members in proportion to their purchases
• Democratically structured
• One member – one vote
• Members elect a Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting
• Board of Directors hire a General Manager
• General Manager hires the Department Managers and Staff
• Governed by provincial legislation (co-op act) and local bylaws


The Drumheller Co-op is a unique company in the sense that no particular individual actually owns it. Instead, the company is owned by the people who shop with the store and who hold memberships in the organization. Obtaining a membership is simple and restriction free. For just $10.00, you can own an equal share in the company - just as 9,000 other people do.

One of the most significant advantages of having a company that is truly community owned is the security is provides to the economic base of its home town. Unlike the large corporate chain stores which come and go depending on how much profit is left to strip out of the community, the Drumheller Co-op is owned by Drumheller and its residents, there by making the decision to leave far more difficult if the road gets a little rough.

Just as importantly, the profit also remains in Drumheller. That means when you buy a quart of milk, or fill your gas tank up, the mark up on that product ( the profit ) never leaves the community. In fact, a significant percentage of it is returned to you in the form of a patronage return, and the rest goes to ensuring the long term stability of the organization through facility upgrades and the investment in solid programs to ensure the company can always meet its member's needs. A good year for us means a good year for Drumheller and Co-op members - as no executive or share holder is allowed to siphon the money from this community.
No fancy cars, no trips, no elaborate homes in far of cities.
Every penny stays right here.

Being a community owned organization also allows us to be much more active in our community support. Because the decisions are made locally, we can quickly respond to the needs of the community.

We donate more than $70,000, making a year to local groups, and play an extremely active role in doing our part to make Drumheller a great place to live. Our community shares program is one of the great ways we as a Co-op donate back to the community by allowing members to direct a portion of their purchases back to the group of their choice.

The Drumheller Co-op has been serving the valley for nearly four decades, and is a proud member of our community.


The Co-operative Retailing System or CRS includes more than 285 independently owned retail Co-ops (such as Drumheller) that serve more than 900,000 individual members.

Together these co-ops own Federated Co-operatives Limited or FCL. FCL has its head office in Saskatoon with regional offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg.


• The Drumheller Co-op can trace its roots back to The Alberta Co-operative
Wholesale Ltd.
• In 1962 The Alberta Co-operative Wholesale Ltd. amalgamated with
Federated Co-operatives Limited and decided to concentrate on warehousing and manufacturing, thus the Drumheller Co-operative was born.
• Drumheller started out with Groceries and soon added Hardware to its
selection of goods offered to its members. Its location was then downtown.
• In 1973 the co-op purchased its current location and built its Service Centre
and lumber yard in 1977.
• In 1978 The Greentree Shopping Mall was built.
• Currently the Drumheller Co-op offers a wide range of products to its members. In our Food Store we have fresh departments including Deli, Bakery, meat and produce. We operate the Bistro in the Mall. In our Home and Agro Center we have hardware, lumber, feed, chemical, animal health products, bulk petroleum and Farm hardware. We operate the Gas Bar which includes gas and propane. At our site on Hiway 10 west, we have a cardlock fuel system.

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