Why become a Member?

Why should I become a Member of the Drumheller Co-op Ltd.?

  • Be an owner of a local business
  • Share in the profits of the Co-op
  • Profits stay in the Community
  • Cash equity payouts
  • The Co-op supports local clubs and charities.
  • Be a part of Member only promotions such as scratch & save, Co-op Cash with each purchase of fuel.

What does a membership Cost?

  • $10.00 buys you one share in the Co-op.
  • The $10.00 goes to your equity account and activates your membership.

Where do I buy my membership?

  • Memberships can be purchased in the Administration Office or...
  • You can purchase one from any Customer Service Representative.

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Careers with Drumheller Co-op

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Mission Statement

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To provide quality goods and services to the communities we serve through socially responsible leadership and teamwork.

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About Coop

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